The Beginning…

We met judging an art show through Brecksville Center for the Arts, and immediately had similar interests! Subsequent discussions led to Eclectique Interior Accessories! Since inception, we’ve accomplished much – over 80 designs for cabinetry knobs, bottle stoppers, lamp finials, fan and lamp pulls, and napkins rings. Retailers such as Wine & Design, Edleman’s Plumbing, Don Drumm, and Vino Veritas in Little Italy carry our products!

The business started with cabinetry knob production, and transitioned to wine/bottle stoppers as a result of our love of wine! We tested several stoppers, and found that the adjustable stoppers we use in our products, stainless and silicone polymer composite, work the best – flavors and aromas in wine, oils, and vinegars are sealed in the bottle.

Our favorite wine today: 2 Cabernet, ordered from Wine & Design, Tremont.




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